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Pulse Jet Bag Filter


Shanti pulse jet bag filters are one of the most efficient and cost effective solution for pollution control emmiting of Boilers . Its a online pulse jet bag filter, where the dust /ash from the industrial boilers gets trapped in specially installed high temperature bags through which flue gas is allowed to pass. Such dust and ash is cleaned row by row and this sequence is controlled through a controller. The dust particulars are deposited at the outer surface of the bag and are removed in a pre-timed cycle by a pulse jet of high pressure air sourced from an air compressor. This highly advanced process streamlines the dust particulars into the RAV with the help of hopper and ensures that only clean air moves out from the center of the bag & escapes out of flue gas outlet. Our bag filters are designed with optimal air to cloth ratio ensuring efficient performance.

Shanti uses superior raw materials like high temperature fiber glass bags for reliability and durability.

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Pulse Jet Bag Filter

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