About Us

Srivaari Agencies is a single stop shop for all your Plant Machinery & Road Machinery Spares. We have a vast experience of over 25 years in the field of Boilers & Boiler Spares, Industrial Burners, Industrial Pumps, Road Machinery Spares. We have qualified & trained staff to understand your needs technically and offer you the right product at the most reasonable price. SRIVAARI AGENCIES has everything & anything you need to shop for your Plant. Srivaari Agencies also provide genuine Road Machinery Spares at the most reasonable price.

We supply process system accessories, & spares, which are generally required and that suits your Process Plant in industries such as, Textile, Dairy, Chemicals, Rubber, Pharma, Drugs, Power plant, Beverages, Rice para boiled plant, Batteries manufacturing plants etc.

Srivaari Agencies offers you a complete package for replacing and maintaining your Plants Accessories & Spares all at a single source.

This includes:

  • Heating systems: All types of Boilers - Thermic fluid oil heaters – Hot Air Generators – Hot water Generators.
  • Combustion systems: All types Burner ( for any fuel: Diesel- Gas – Agro Waste Bio Fuel – Coal.
  • How to control systems: All types of control valves for steam oil gas, water.
  • Pumping systems: All types of Pumps for chemical, Bitumen, Dairy
  • Water Treatment systems: Softener - D M Plant, RO, Mud Pumps
  • Pollution control systems
  • Instrument systems
  • Insulation & Refractory
  • Filtering systems
  • Energy conservation systems
  • Any other system custom built
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